Friday, June 3, 2011

How do I change the headlight bulb on a 98 Honda Civic?

Do I have to take the whole bumper off to get the headlight assembly out? Or can I change it from the back?How do I change the headlight bulb on a 98 Honda Civic?You do not have to remove the headlight assembly in order to replace the headlights on your car. Now the turn signals are in the fenders and so that's a different story.

To replace th eheadlights in a '96-'00 Honda Civic:

- Open the hood of the car.

- Pinch either side of the square black plug on the back of the headlight housing. They do somethign stick, and so if they do just press in one side and lean it in the opposite direction then after that pinch in the other side. That usually works for me

- Remove the black rubber boot from the back of the housing by pulling it off.

- There is a metal clip on the headlight housing behind that rubber boot. Press it n and unclip it (you'll see when you get there).

- Now the bulb is free. Remove the bulb.

- When you replace the old with the new bulb DO NOT touch the glass on the bulb! This will leave oils from your skin on the bulb and will cause it to possibly burn out faster (it heats up the outside of the bulb more).

- Do everything in reverse to replace the bulb. :)

It's pretty easy and you should probbaly pick it up after once. Your owner's manual shoudl also have illustrations in it to explain the removal and install. Good luck.How do I change the headlight bulb on a 98 Honda Civic?For the driver's side headlight; I found that lifting up on the power steering reservoir until it became unlatched from it's mounting and separated from it's bracket, gave me much more room to get that damn headlight connector off and a new bulb in without tainting the bulb.

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