Friday, June 3, 2011

How much does replacing a headlight cost?

I accidentally hit the headlight on my car with a basketball...the light works, but the glass is just broken and completely smashed. It's a 2005 Volvo XC70. How much approximately is this going to cost me? Thanks.How much does replacing a headlight cost?The full assembly (with bulbs) around $300 used. Without bulbs maybe $200. If you can find the lens only probably around 50 bucks, though you'll have to install it correctly. (Junkyard or ebay prices)How much does replacing a headlight cost?If it's just the lense, then $30. The bulb itself maybe $10. I bought 2 new bulbs from my local parts store today %26amp; they cost me $21 total.How much does replacing a headlight cost?$225.00 dollarsHow much does replacing a headlight cost?Probably about $300 if it's easy to install yourself and isn't an HID. If it's HID or tough to install, you could be looking at 4 digits, it might even start with a 2.

Here's some good news, if it's expensive, your accident would be covered by your collision coverage. It would be an %26quot;at fault%26quot; accident but it could save you well over a grand to report. More good news, you should be able to find a generic replacement that looks just like the real thing. Keystone automotive is a big aftermarket headlight supplier - contact them.

I've never seen a headlight available as a lens and housing sold separately and headlights might be a hundred bucks on a ten year old ford but they aren't on a Volvo.How much does replacing a headlight cost?I cant give you an approx since I don't know where you live or where you would order it from but they are usually anywhere from 55 to 75 dollars depends on where you goHow much does replacing a headlight cost?its going to cost you about $80-100 but if you go to a junk yard to can get it for $25-35..just dont get stoped by the cop before you fix it you will get a ticket even if the light works.How much does replacing a headlight cost?I think it's going to be expensive.

The headlights now come as complete assemblies that you have to replace entirely in 1 go.

On the headlight assembly costs $763.10, and this is a discount from $1073 MSRP.

Then you need to add on the labor to switch it out.

I'm not sure if you can just get and replace the broken glass part by itself.

Go to an autobody/collision or volvo shop and get a quote...